Influencer Marketing

Bloggers are media too! I love working with brands that help bloggers create and share beautiful content. 

Below is a sampling of influencer marketing campaigns I have led for some of Canada's top brands.

Bed Bath & Beyond #SleighTheHolidays Blogger Program

For Bed Bath & Beyond's first Canadian blogger program, iPR partnered with three high-reaching Canadian decor and lifestyle bloggers to decorate for the holidays with Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Coverage I secured for the program includes:

#YouCanBeAnything with Barbie

To kick off Barbie's #YouCanBeAnything campaign in Canada, GCI supported an installation at Yorkdale Mall that allowed young girls to live out their dream careers for a day. Inviting local mom bloggers and their daughters to attend the event helped get the word out about the campaign with high-reaching social media and online coverage.  

Coverage I secured for the event includes:

#LowesHolidayHomes Blogger Program

To promote Lowe's as the go-to destination for holiday decorating needs in 2015, GCI partnered with five high-reaching home décor bloggers to help them decorate for the holidays with Lowe's.

Coverage I secure for the program includes: 

#TeamThomas Blogger Program for Movember

Thomas the Tank Engine celebrated his 70th Birthday in 2015 by growing a moustache for Movember! GCI partnered with mom and dad bloggers to join #TeamThomas and grow their own Movember Mos!

Coverage I secured for the program includes: